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Tulsa has dozens of memorials to Americans who served in the Armed Forces. ┬áThese memorials are not just statues or locations set aside in parks or cemeteries, but include memorial highways, plaques, roadside markers and other less traditional memorials. The American Legion Memorials project seeks to catalog all of these memorials across our great nation. […]

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The American Legion National Executive Committee issued a charter on June 18, 1919 to Joe Carson Post 1. Eleven legionnaires (ten men and one woman) signed the charter. The “charter” members were: William L. Eagleton H. D. Labbe Harry L. S. Halley Horace H. Hagan C. A. Border Roland M. Broach C. C. McCrary L. […]

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Joseph Carson - First local man to give his life on the battlefield in World War I

On May 21, 1919 Tulsa members of The American Legion gathered to organize a post. These quotes from the Tulsa World article published on the morning of Wednesday, May 22, 1919 tell the story: “Many service men attended the rousing meeting of the American Legion held at the courthouse at 8 o’clock Tuesday night. Inspired […]