This page provides information on Voiture 185 of the 40 and 8.  For information about the 40 and 8, follow this link to the 40 and 8 national organization home page.

The photos and other information below was gathered from the information available at Post 1 in scrapbooks and other files.  WE NEED MORE OF THIS INFORMATION.  The 40 and 8 was also known as the “playground of the American Legion” because the 40 and 8 has fun and games by the members as one of its principal aims.  The organization is also serious, and supports nursing education as one of its primary charities.


April 24, 1937  Spring Wreck (No caption or other information with picture)

40&8 Voiture 185 4-24-1937


1939 Wrecking Crew

Wrecking Crew 1939 (reverse) Wrecking Crew 1939


September 1, 1939

40 and 8 members with their “boxcar” in Shawnee, Oklahoma

48&8 Boxcar 9-1-1939 Shawnee OK

48&8 Boxcar 9-1-1939 Shawnee OK (caption from scrapbook)


1942 Spring Wreck (no legend available with names or other information)

1942 Voiture 185


Year unknown — If you have information, please share with us

Spring Wreck (undated) Spring Wreck (undated) (reverse)

Legionnaires:  Jim Carriker, Bill Hilliard, Leslie Spain, Joe Lynn and Dr. ????


Wreck — Unknown Date — If you have information, please share with us

40&8 Wreck (undated)