Post Commanders

Carson-Wilson-Rigney-Forrester-Shoemaker American Legion Post 1

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This page is a gateway to information about our past commanders.  Since 1919, Post elections have been held each year during the summer, and the Commander holds office for one year (and may be elected more than once).

What exactly is a Post Commander?  The charge received by an incoming Post Commander from the Department (State) Commander at the installation ceremony spells out the Post Commander’s duties and role:

“To you, my comrade, is entrusted a very important duty, that of teaching and protecting the cardinal principles of The American Legion throughout your entire post. To you is entrusted supervision of the duties of all other officers of the post. To you may come the needy and the distressed and it is your duty to see that no worthy comrade is turned away without full justice. It is your duty to see that freedom is ever the watchword of those with whom you may come in contact. Loyalty to your post, to its membership, to the state and to the national organization, are obligations which you now assume. You are more than the presiding officer for meetings. You are guided by the constitution and by the decisions of the post as a body, yet the responsibility for the success of the year’s program is largely on your shoulders. You must initiate and carry through programs to completion. You must thoroughly familiarize yourself with the policies and traditions of your post and of The American Legion. By your sincere acceptance and earnest performance of these duties, may the great trust which your comrades have reposed in you be justified. To you I extend the congratulations of the department, and I wish you well as you assume the responsibilities of your office. I present to you a copy of the Post Officer’s Guide and Manual of Ceremonies to serve as your guide during the coming year.”

These pages honor our Post Commanders with their pictures and biographies.   Our commanders come from all walks of life, and all share certain characteristics.  First, all were honorably discharged veterans of active military service during a period of war.  Second, they chose to join The American Legion (there are no honorary memberships in The American Legion) and accept the duties and status of Legionnaire.  Third, all were or are active in post activities and dedicated to serve military personnel, veterans and their families.  Finally, they all earned the respect of their fellow Legionnaires, who elected them as the leader of Post 1.

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There is also a list of our past commanders below.  If we have loaded a biography page, then the name is highlighted with an underlined hyperlink.

Post 1 Commanders List

1919    Horace H. Hagan, Jr.

1920    John Rogers

1921    W.L. Eagleton

1922     R. A. Beard

1923  Alva J. Niles and Charles Allen.

1924    C. S. Summers

1925    E.L. Allison

1926    Alvin L. Chapman

1927    J.A. Porter

1928    Patrick J. Hurley

1929    Victor F. Barnett

1930    T.P. Gilmer

1931    Guy C. Tetrick

1932    Walter W. Eastman

1933    George L. Watkins

1934    L.W. McFetridge

1935    Frank S. Hugill

1936    Arthur H. Bronson

1937    Joseph W. Lynn

1938    Mike Saxon

1939    Albert Galloway

1940    Snooks Stafford

1941    J. Earl Simpson

1942    Joe Herman

1943    Leslie L. Spain

1944    Jim Hunt

1944    Joe Payne

1945    Otto Koenig

1946   Walter J. Petty and Everett A. Wood

1947    Glenn H. Coddington

1948  Harry L. S. Halley and Clinton J. Bohannon.

1949    Guy Belford

1950    N.H. Davis

1951    Alex E. Wilson, Sr.

1952    Herschel R. Chism Jr.

1953    Walter C. Deppe

1954    Otto Koening

1955    George Hunt

1956    George Norvell

1957    Shelby W. Marr

1958    Thomas D. Fraiser

1959    Bill Kelly

1960    Clarence W. Cox

1961    Ben B. Ballenger

1962    Ben B. Ballenger

1963    Floyd R. Marshall

1964    Jesse Hunter

1965    Jay Gibson

1966    John Chronister

1967    Clemmie D. Gross

1968    Enlo E. Warma

1969    Marion A. Eddingfield

1970    Leon L. Kaufman

1971    James F. Catron

1972    James R.  Thrush Sr.

1973    Howard Shannon

1974    Ralph Younger

1975    Ralph Younger

1976    Dan Woods

1977    Carl Welch

1978    Carl Welch

1979    Bill McEwen

1980    James D. Baker

1981    James D. Baker

1982    James D. Baker

1983    Joe Al Kitchell

1984    James D. Baker

1985    James D. Baker

1986    Lloyd Hurt

1987    Lloyd Hurt

1988    Elton Shields

1989    Lloyd Hurt

1990    James D. Baker

1991    Elton Shields

1992    Ralph Younger

1993    Ralph Younger

1994    Ralph Younger

1995    Jack Whitaker

1996    James D. Baker

1997    Ralph Younger

1998    Rick Alfaro

1999    Rick Alfaro

2000    Bill Cay

2001    Bill Cay

2002    Bill Cay

2003    Bill Cay

2004    James D. Baker

2005    Bill Cay

2006    Bill Cay

2007    Zachery Castillo

2008    Zachery Castillo

2009    Lisa Milner

2010    Jerry Laky

2011    John Irby

2012    Rick Alfaro

2013    Rick Alfaro

2014    Jim Baker

2015    Laurie Nidiffer

2016    Christian Baughman

2017    Gary Wall