America's Oldest Continuously Operating American Legion Post

Draft Post 1 Constitution Available for Review and Comment

Current Revised Constitution and Bylaws

The Commander reviewed and authorized posting the draft constitution for review.   Click on the link above and  it should open for review.  The file is an Adobe PDF.

As you review this document, consider the following points:

(1)  This document was created using the most recent form Constitution and Bylaws published by The American Legion as a guide, and this guide was modified to incorporate provisions from the current Post 1 Constitution and Bylaws (I will refer to the current Constitution and Bylaws as the “Constitution” in this blog) and suggestions by members of Post 1.

(2)  The  current Constitution does not provide for succession in the event of absence of the Commander.  Article IV of the Bylaws in the proposed Constitution and Bylaws provides for this by allowing the Vice Commanders, in order, to assume the duties of the Commander when this occurs.  A vice commander does not assume the office of Commander, which can only be filled by an election and installation or, if a vacancy occurs between elections, by the Executive Committee.  Also, when the Commander is aware of a pending absence, the Commander can designate a vice commander who is available to act while the Commander is absent.

(3)  The duties of the Historian listed in the current Constitution do not reflect the actual duties the Historian performs.  Advising the Post 1 membership and on the preservation of our history is a key element of these duties.  The provisions in Article IV of the Bylaws provide for the creation of a new History Committee, a resource to Post 1 on matters concerning our history.

(4)  Why was a revision necessary?  About a year and a half ago several Post 1 officers and members voiced concerns about typos, grammatical problems and vague provisions in the current Constitution and Bylaws.

(5)  Ask questions–get answers.  This is your document.  Post 1 members can email comments to (I am using the Historian email account to preserve the questions and answers).  I will answer questions or address comments concerning the document.  I will post the question or comment and the response on this blog entry.  Anticipating the question, Gordon is the Post Historian, but the email account available to me is listed above.

Harold Brown